eProcurement is an online requisition application within SMU Financials that enables electronic purchase requests and online workflow approvals. 

All purchases for goods and services over $5,000 (or $3,500 for grants/contracts), require a requisition using eProcurement prior to the purchase being made.  The value of the purchase should consider the total value for the entire fiscal year.  For example, a service with a monthly cost of $500 has an annual cost of $6,000 and requires a requisition. 

eProcurement requires a valid SMU Financials user account, authorized access and training (for requesters). It is a two-step process: 

  1. To obtain authorized access, the requester’s supervisor of Financial Officer must complete the eProcurement Requester Access online form at help@smu.edu
  2. To learn how to use eProcurement & submit a requisition go to:http://www.smu.edu/OIT/Training/FinancialDocumentation click on eProcurement tab.  Scroll down to Additional Resources and select one of the SMU eProcurement Training Guides.

Once a requisition is entered and approved, the Purchasing Department will create a purchase order that will be electronically sent to the vendor.  Once the goods are delivered or services are complete, the purchase order instructs the vendor to submit invoices to invoices@smu.edu to begin the payment process.  For more information on the accounts payable process, please see this link.