Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I just received a statement, and there is a balance although I should not owe anything.  What do I do?
Answer: Check to see if you filled out your travel report for reimbursement for out of pocket expenses and Line 13 to report the airfare or travel advance on your travel subclass.  If you did, then you need to contact the Financial Officer in your department and ask them to research why there is still a balance.

Question: I received a travel advance that was supposed to have been charged to my Chase Travel and Entertainment Card, but it has appeared on my travel statement.  Why?
Answer: There could have been a key punch error.  You should contact the Financial Officer in the department responsible for the travel.  He/she will research and correct the problem.

Question: I am about to go on a trip.  I have never traveled before and need to get a travel advance.  What do I need to do?
Answer: You should contact the Financial Officer in your department who will assign you a subclass number for you to use to book airfare and receive a travel advance if necessary.

Question: What do I do after I return from my trip to be reimbursed for travel expenses?
Answer: You need to fill out a travel report, attach all receipts and have it approved by the Financial Officer in your department.  Then turn the travel report into Accounts Payable for reimbursement of your out of pocket expenses.  University Policy states that the Travel Report Form must be submitted to the traveler's designated financial officer within 10 days upon return from business travel.

Question: What is the rate of reimbursement for mileage?
Answer: Please view Tax FAQ to view the rate of reimbursement for mileage.

Question: What happens if  I leave the University and  have a balance on my travel account?
Answer: If it is not cleared when you leave, it will be deducted from your last pay check.

Question: Can I only purchase airline tickets from Colwick Travel?
Answer: Effective January 1, 2000, the University stopped requiring University travelers to use the University preferred-provider for airfare. However, Colwick Travel remains as the "preferred provider" for University airfare and you can still charge tickets directly to your travel subclass.  However, University travelers can now also obtain their airfare directly from the airlines, the Internet, or other agencies, if they wish to do so.

Question: How will I pay for non-Colwick Travel tickets?
Answer: Travelers will charge the tickets to their Chase Travel and Entertainment Card or personal credit cards and be reimbursed when they return and file a travel report.

Question: What if a travel agency wants to bill SMU for tickets?
Answer: Colwick Travel already provides this service. We do not plan to engage in an Accounts Payable relationship with any other travel vendors. All non-Colwick Travel tickets must be pre-paid by credit cards or personal checks.

Question: I traveled on an airline that uses ticketless travel so I don't have a ticket stub to turn in. What do I do?
Answer: Keep your boarding pass(es) and submit along with a copy of your purchase invoice.