Academic Support Services

The Academic Support Services team provides customer service and support to the seven academic areas for their finance and budget needs.

Overarching goals for the Academic Support Services team are:

  • Assist academic areas with projecting enrollment and analyzing impact to budget
  • Establish method to ensure effective and accurate endowment utilization
  • Improve consistency for budgeting salary and benefits across all academic areas
  • Serve as a resource to provide program cost analysis
  • Evaluate processes to reduce transactional burden on faculty/staff in academic areas
  • Assist with process questions

 Director: Yvette Castilla 214-768-2650

Financial Business Managers

School Contact Phone
Cox School of Business Ron Fellers 8-4665
Dedman College  Charlene Pinkerston 8-2296
Dedman School of Law Jerchel Anderson 8-2202
Lyle School of Engineering Teri Trevino 8-1501
Meadows School of the Arts Cynthia Watson 8-3455
Perkins School of Theology Mark Greim 8-2307
Simmons School of Education Vali Dicus 8-2717

Accounting Liaisons

School* Contact Phone
Cox School of Business Becky Ortiz 8-3839
Dedman College Shateria Buie 8-3281
Dedman School of Law Javier Perez 8-3020
Lyle School of Engineering  Miriam Daniel 8-2306
Meadows School of the Arts  Javier Perez 8-3020
Perkins School of Theology  Miriam Daniel 8-2306
Simmons School of Education Becky Ortiz 8-3839

*please send all accounts payable requests and inquiries to the email address linked for your academic area

Resources and Information

  Accounts Payable Payment Request Form

  Fiscal Year-End Calendar/Memo

  Independent Contractor Determination (ICD) Process

  Journal Entry (JE) Processing (procedure)

  Journal Entry (JE) Upload Template

  Q-drive Reports (content and usage)

  Payroll Processing Schedule