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Qualtrics Research Suite

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General Information

Qualtrics is a Web-based enterprise data collection and analysis product for market research, customer insights, employee performance, event registration, institutional assessment, alumni outreach, academic research, and much more. Through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and award-winning services and support. Qualtrics enables both professional and DIY researchers at SMU to conduct quantitative research quickly and easily.

Requesting an Account

All faculty, staff and students can simply login using their SMU ID number and password and begin using Qualtrics. There is no setup required! 

Anyone with an existing Qualtrics account can self migrate previous surveys and research into the one account. Simply login and follow the instructions for the migration to the SMU brand.

SMU Brand Organizations

There are three separate implementations, or brands, of the Qualtrics Research Suite on campus at this time. There is one associated with the Cox School of Business and is largely used by Cox students conducting market research in their classes. A second brand is associated with Dedman College and is used primarily for academic research in the Psychology Department and its Research Labs, and by individual faculty members and graduate students in Dedman College. The last brand is associated with the campus as a whole, the SMU Brand, and is the newest implementation.  With the recent signing of a campus-wide agreement with Qualtrics in late 2013, the plan over the Spring 2014 semester is to combine all three brands into the single SMU Brand. With this change, we will be able to offer both flexible branding for each of the academic and administrative units wishing to use the application, as well as a manageable instance of Qualtrics on campus.

Additional Information

For additional information about Qualtrics Research Suite, and how you can get started, please contact Shirlene Pearson at