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Retirement Plans Advisory Council (RPAC)

Retirement at SMU

RPAC Membership

Ernie Barry Chair Associate Vice President, University Budgets and Capital Planning, Business & Finance
Rakesh Dahiya Member Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer
Steven Edwards, Ph.D.

Professor, Temerlin Advertising Institute / Associate Editor,
Journal of Interactive Advertising, Meadows School of the Arts

Tom B. Fomby, Ph.D.
Member Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Dedman College
David Lei, Ph.D.
Member Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Cox School of Business
Vinh Pham, CPA Member Director, Financial Services, Controller's Office
Helen Regan Ex-Officio  Director - Benefits
Chris Regis, CPA Ex-Officio Vice President / CFO, Business & Finance
Sheri Starkey Ex-Officio Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer