Job Sharing

Job sharing occurs when two employees share one full time position. Each employee is considered regular part time and works 20 or more hours per week.

If an employee is interested in a job-sharing arrangement, the manager needs to ensure the job responsibilities can be successfully executed when shared by two people. The arrangement must meet both the needs of the business as well as the needs of the employees. All parties will need to work diligently to ensure the model performs well within the department.

To begin the process, a manager should complete the Alternative Work Schedule Agreement form and send the signed original to Human Resources at Box 232 for approval. A representative from Human Resources will contact the supervisor for consultation. Upon approval, the manager should begin a search for the additional employee who will share the existing full time position with the current employee; the search process should be conducted through standard procedures of Human Resources. Implementation of Job Sharing is dependent on filling the additional position with a qualified candidate.

Once the additional employee is hired, the supervisor should download the Win-Win Agreement form and discuss their expectations with both of the employees filling the role. By thoroughly discussing and documenting the expectations of the job sharing employees, the supervisor and employees can avoid many predictable obstacles and pave the way for a successful arrangement. Once the discussion has been completed, the supervisor should summarize the discussion and provide a copy of the summary to both employees as well as to Human Resources at Box 232.

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