Alternative Work Schedules

An alternative work schedule may include either or both of the following:

  • Flextime - working the same amount of time within a non-traditional work schedule.
  • Flexplace - working the same schedule within a non-traditional work place at least part of the time.

Alternative Work Schedule Agreement Instructions

To establish an alternative work schedule, the employee and manager must complete a voluntary Alternative Work Schedule Agreement form and a Win-Win Agreement. The manager and employee should retain a copy of both forms and forward the originals to the Department of Human Resources at Box 232. With final signature from the Department of Human Resources, the Voluntary Alternative Work Schedule Agreement will be filed in the employee’s personnel file and Human Resources will notfy the manager that the agreement has been approved.

Note: Any voluntary alternative work schedule is valid as long as it is approved by the employee’s manager/supervisor and a representative from Human Resources. A Flextime agreement may be terminated at any time by the manager or employee (appropriate paperwork must accompany agreement termination).

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