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Finalizing a Staff Search

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Finalizing a Staff Search

The hiring department/administrator is responsible for conducting reference checks. Checking references before making a final decision can save time, money, and effort, because it reduces the likelihood of making a bad hire.

Once you’ve checked references and have selected a candidate you will assemble a search summary packet.

We strongly recommend you fax HR the release form for your top candidate(s) as soon as you’ve made your selection. Pre-employment checks can take 2-7 days, depending on the number of counties and geographical distance needed to check and the type of education verification being conducted. Our goal is for all pre-employment checks to be completed prior to receiving the search summary packet

What should the Search Summary packet include?
Where do I send Search Summary packet?

What happens next? When can I make an offer?

HR (1) Reviews documentation; (2) Follows-up on the status pre-employment check(s) (3) approves the hire in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Access and Equity and (4) will e-mail you when an offer can be made. Keep in mind an offer must not be made until the Search Summary has been approved and all pre-employment checks have been completed.

If your candidate is an internal, please contact HR so we can provide you with discuss details.

Checking References

Reference Check Form

Search Summary Form 

Search Summary Form - Interactive PDF