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Staff Search Procedures and Guidelines

SMU HR Resources

Assessing Candidates

If you choose to begin with an e-mail screen, you will need to print the responses of all candidates contacted. If you choose to begin with a phone-interview you will complete a phone interview form. You must complete the overall assessment portion of the phone intervie form. Generally, an e-mail screen or phone interview are conducted only by the hiring manager. However the search committee/interview team may assist with both.

An Candidate Interview Evaluation Form must be completed by each search committee/interview team member. The Candidate Interview Evaluation Form form provides a basis for defending selection decision. It is recommended that search committee/interview team members complete the form at the conclusion of each interview. Candidate Interview Evaluation Forms will collected by the head of search committee/interview team.

It is recommended that candidates complete an Authorization and Consent for Release of Information form at the time of the interview to save time and support the University’s policy (9.4) that mandates pre-employment checks for all staff hires.

All pre-employment checks must be approved by the Department of Human Resources prior to an offer of employment. Background checks can only be initiated when the prospective employee has completed an Authorization and Consent for Release of Information.

Pre-employment checks usually take 2-7 days to process, depending on the number of counties and geographical distance needed to check and the type of education verification being conducted. 

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