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Annual Performance Reviews

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Annual Performance Reviews for Central University Libraries


The intent of the performance review process is to engage and capture a thoughtful review of the previous year and make preparations for the next. It provides the manager and the employee with a designated opportunity to step back and compare actual achievements made and plan for future achievement, skill development, and career growth. Good performance reviews let managers and employees communicate with no surprises or anxiety, and provide an opportunity for both parties to share ideas, opinions and information that can be constructive in creating a successful work environment.


In reflecting on performance, think about these four dimensions:

  • Work Output
  • Work Relationships
  • Self Development
  • Community/CUL Contributions

It can also be very helpful to consider results of the Strengthsfinder/Strengthsquest assessment in your discussions.

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Review Process

1. Supervisor communicates with employee and sets a due date for the self-evaluation.

2. Employee completes the self-evaluation section and submits it to the supervisor via email.

3. Supervisor sets a meeting with the employee.  Prior to that meeting, the supervisor sends their evaluation to the employee.

4.  Supervisor and employee meet to discuss the performance evaluation and set appropriate goals for the employee to achieve in the coming year. Each party should draft goals prior to this meeting in order to facilitate the discussion. 

5.  Final goals are identified in the Goals section. 

6.  Once the review is completed, all sections are combined into one document.  Two copies are made – one for the supervisor and one the employee. 

7. Attach a copy of the employee’s most recent Job Evaluation form.  If this version has been revised since last year, please make a note on the form.

8. The signed originals go to your Assistant Dean or Director who collects them for each of their areas.  They will submit them to the Dean’s Office. 

NOTE:  The original must be single sided and not stapled  (this helps immensely with copying). 

Annual Performance Review Tool

90-Day Reviews

CUL now uses the automated 90-day Review Process.

Please contact Bill Dworaczyk at 8-3140 with specific questions about CUL's review process.