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Exiting Process

SMU HR Resources

Staff Exiting Process


Employees are required by policy to tell their supervisor in writing in advance of their decision to terminate. Once accepted, the termination remains unless the supervisor chooses to make alternate arrangements with the employee.

The supervisor must complete a Termination of Employment Form and submit it to the Department of Human Resources via fax or email to

An HR Benefits Representative will email the individual to arrange a time for the exit interview process. The interview will include a review of the Leaving SMU FAQ and briefly discuss any questions and/or concerns the exiting employee may have.


Termination During the Probationary Period

An individual's employment may be terminated at will if s/he is within the probationary period, typically the first 90 days of employment. The manager should email the Employee Relations Team to request termination during the probationary period.

The decision of termination and the termination itself must take place before the probationary period ends. If action is not taken before this date, the individual is considered a regular University employee and performance issues are managed through the Corrective Action process. 

If necessary, a probationary period can be extended thus extending the evaluation process. Human Resources must be contacted in order to extend a probationary period and the employee must be informed in writing that his/her probationary period has been extended.

Terminations During an Extended Probationary Period

If the performance continues to fail to meet expectations, the individual can be terminated within the time limits of the extension. The manager should email the Employee Relations Team to request termination.
  • The supervisor must terminate the individual in person – a short explanation of reasoning to the individual is helpful.
  • The supervisor must then complete a termination form and send it to Human Resources.
If the individual has been with the University for ANY TIME LONGER than the probationary period, a different procedure must be followed.

Termination After the Probationary Period

Immediate termination may only take place per University policy for actions that threaten or endanger others or for the commitment of a punishable crime.

If the employee is not meeting performance expectations, then the Corrective Action process must be implemented with assistance from Human Resources.

The only exception to this rule is in the case of an employee who is absent from work for three consecutive days and has failed to contact anyone in his/her work area to communicate this absence. After good faith attempts to reach the absent individual have been exhausted, the individual can be immediately terminated from the University and should receive a written notice from Human Resources of their termination.

In all involuntary terminations, Human Resources must be informed.

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