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Employee Relations

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90 Day Probationary Terminations

Terminations must be requested and approved by Human Resources in advance of the employee's 90th day. Once the employee's probationary period has ended, the employee is considered a regular employee of the University and performance issues are managed through the Corrective Action process.

Request a Termination Within the Probationary Period
Please prepare a memo requesting termination and email it to Be sure you include the following items in your memo:

  • A statement requesting that the employee be terminated.
  • Provide the employee’s date of hire and include any previously granted extensions.
  • List all reasons for termination and be specific: 
      • What exactly did the employee do or not do? What were the specific behaviors of concern? (Do not include emotions or assumption – focus on specific behaviors or actions.)
      • Explain how the above behaviors were a violation of job expectations.
      • List all coaching sessions with the employee to correct performance expectations. Include dates and expectations discussed.
      • Did the unacceptable behavior continue after the coaching session(s)? Describe the specific incidences.

You will be contacted by a member of the Employee Relations Team to discuss the situation. If the termination is granted, be prepared to set a specific termination date and complete a termination form.