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RSS Feed Instructions

Add the HR Blog to your Microsoft Outlook to receive the blog posts as they are published, thereby getting the latest news and information from HR for Faculty and Staff directly into your email! 

Follow these easy steps:

  • Right-mouse click on RSS Feeds in Outlook folder listing
  • Select Add A New RSS Feed
  • Enter http://blog.smu.edu/hr/feed/ for the employee blog OR https://blog.smu.edu/smumanagers/feed/ for the Manager Blog
  • Click on the Add button

Before clicking on the “Add” button, you may be asked to verify the feed as a trusted source and instructed to click on the Advanced tab. At this point you may change the folder the blog messages are delivered to to be your Microsoft Inbox instead of the RSS Feed Inbox. If you are not asked to click on Advanced you may redirect the feed to your Inbox by creating a rule in Outlook.

Questions? Contact us at smuhr@smu.edu.

Need help adding the RSS feed or redirecting it to your inbox? Contact the OIT Help Desk at 8-help or email them at help@smu.edu.