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Total Orientation Process (TOP)


Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence Tutorial

It is important that all employees are informed about our policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct. The University therefore has arranged for every employee to participate in an automated training program that will help you understand how to recognize, report, and prevent sexual misconduct. 

The law requires schools to take the following specific steps to address the problem of sexual misconduct:

  • train faculty, staff, and students how to recognize and report sexual misconduct
  • promptly investigate and resolve complaints
  • take reasonable steps to prevent sexual misconduct
  • support the recovery of victims and survivors

The law also requires our institution to respond to sexual misconduct that:

  • takes place on campus;
  • is connected to the institution's programs; or
  • is perpetrated by anyone affiliated with our institution.

Off-campus misconduct matters as much as misconduct that occurs on campus, whether it takes place down the street, online, or overseas.

SMU has contracted with The Law Room to provide an online tutorial designed to meet the requirements of the law to train faculty and staff on how to recognize and report sexual misconduct.  This training will cover the following:

  • reporting sexual violence
  • assisting victims and survivors of sexual violence
  • preventing sexual violence

FAQ for LawRoom, SMU's training vendor

New Employees

New employees complete the training during their 90 day probationary period and are automatically enrolled in the training within the first week of employment.  Once enrolled, employees will be notified via email that the course is available to them and will contain a link to access the training module, along with a user name and password.  Employees should save this information in a safe place in order to return to the training at any time to complete or revisit the content.  After the initial email contact, employees will receive email reminders until the training has been completed.

Current Employees

After the initial completion during the 90 day Probationary Period, employees will be required to complete the training every three years in order to be informed on the latest updates on the law and SMU policy and will receive an email announcing their enrollment in the course.

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