Professional Development Workshop

Presentation Skills

Overcoming your fear of public speaking is critical to becoming an effective leader.  This two-day Presentation Skills workshop will help you develop the following critical skills:

  • Structure - use of a specific format to get your audience to remember your points.
  • Delivery - discover how stance, gestures, movement and use of voice ensure that great ideas are heard.  To assist the learning process, participants will be videotaped and given an opportunity to view themselves giving a presentation.
  • Visual Aids - create visual aids that clearly illustrate your point.  Learn to interact with them so the audience is still focused on you, the speaker and not your supporting material.

Out of class preparation is required for this course and includes a brief introductory segment for the first day as well as a presentation for the second day of class.  Further instructions will be given as pre-work for the course and during Day 1.  Please allow for adequate preparation time in your schedule.

This workshop fulfills one elective credit for Manager Orientation.