Professional Development Workshop

Navigating Change With Personal Resilience

Have you noticed that the pace of change is accelerating ―and that new opportunities in the form of work structures, communication methods, technology, and productivity tools come our way almost every day? Given that many people are actually reluctant to change, it isn’t surprising that we often fail to realize the productivity and the gains that the changes offer. And those are the potentially positive changes we say we want. Then there are the everyday problems, conflicts, and sometimes big events that we’re expected to manage as well. So how do we navigate the seemingly endless river of change?

To be resilient is to bounce back and adapt our thinking and responses in the face of stress. The more resilient we become, the quicker we shift our responses in a positive direction, and move with confidence through dangerous waters. So we must learn to be adaptable and resilient.

In this workshop, we will explore your responses to change, your personal adaptation “budget,” and your options in navigating the river of change on a daily basis. You’ll learn about 7 factors of personal resilience which include how you view yourself, your world, your relationships, and your work issues in addition to proactive approaches to managing your day. Once developed, these 7 factors enable you to be more flexible in your responses, and deft in your maneuvers when approaching the “change rapids,” or just rapid change. Join us and walk away with an understanding of change as well as a practical plan to help increase your resilience and become more confident in your ability to successfully navigate the river of change.

Date: January 28, 2016 - CANCELLED

Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Facilitated by:
Lorea Belle Seidel,
Director of Talent Management, Human Resources 

Huit-Zollar Pavillion, Embrey Engineering Building, Room 115

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Dress: We encourage you to dress in layers to ensure your comfort in the room throughout the day.