Resolving Generational Differences

Manager Development Self Paced Learning

In a workplace with several different generations of people, it's essential to effectively manage employees of radically different backgrounds and ages. Learn why and how each generation responds differently in the workplace and the best ways to work through the most common generational friction points.

In this self-paced session, you will learn how to:

  • understand the unique differences in age groups
  • discover effective ways to manage generational differences so that all age groups are satisfied
  • understand why and how all four generations respond differently in the workplace
  • apply leadership principles to help team members find their voice, feel appreciated, and sense that their contributions matter. 
Self-paced Learning via Franklin Covey Excelerators

Duration:  approximately 1 hour

Email to be assigned this training. Participant materials will be emailed to you to support your learning.
You will not be required to complete the course in one sitting but may come and go as time allows.

This workshop fulfills one elective credit for Manager Orientation.