Manager Development Workshop

Leading Across Generations

Great Leaders Tap Into the Unique Contributions of Each Generation

FranklinCovey’s Leading Across Generations gives leaders a profound understanding of the differences among generations. But great leaders don’t just understand the differences, they also recognize the importance of putting those differences to work in finding more creative solutions to problems; fostering robust, productive dialog; and engaging team members in giving their highest and best contributions. Much more than a “conflict resolution” program, participants in the Leading Across Generations program will:

1.  Gain an understanding of the specific differences between the four generations in today’s workforce.

2. Discover how stereotyping hinders communication and engagement.

3. Resolve the Sticking Points where one generation’s style or perspective is likely to conflict with those of another generation.

4. Explore different Sticking Points scenarios using the included reference cards to find solutions.

5. Learn how to engage the “whole person” in helping team members from every generation apply their unique talents and contribution.

6. Know how to conduct a “Whole-Person Engagement Conversation” to identify areas for improving engagement.

7. Follow a powerful 21-day implementation plan to pu

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the importance of putting generational differences to work.
  • Find more creative solutions to problems and foster robust, productive dialogue.
  • Engage team members in giving their highest and best contributions.

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Location: HR Training Room, #208 Expressway Tower

Facilitator: Mary Stall, Senior HR Specialist, Organizational Effectiveness

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