Health at SMU

Wellpower Program Overview


Wellpower is our wellness program for part-time and full-time, benefit-eligible, staff and faculty at SMU. The website, is web-based and may be accessed via any internet-connected computer. The Wellpower program will run September 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014. 

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The Amazing Challenge

Wellpower will host the Amazing Challenge in partnership with Baylor Health Care System and Live Healthy Texas. Each month during the challenge, we will visit a new "destination" on our journey to better health! During the first three weeks of each month, participants will be challenged to earn points by completing an assigned daily activity in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and stress reduction. Bonus point activities will also be available each month. Log enough points or complete additional challenges/classes to earn various badges during the reward period to be eligible for one of two levels of rewards.

Orientation Sessions

Wellpower will offer orientation sessions via webinar. In addition, you may watch pre-recorded videos that help you register for the Amazing Challenge, log your points and earn badges, and give you an overview of the Wellpower program. 

Create a Team or Participate as an Individual

Our website allows you to complete challenges as a member of a team or as an individual. If you would like to create a team, first designate a team captain and choose a team name. The captain will login to the Wellpower site and complete the team information. Team members will then receive an email notice asking them to logon using their email address and the assigned password. Once logged in, the team member can choose a new password and complete the profile information. A Team Captain's handbook will be available soon! If you wish to participate as an individual, you will create a "team of 1" on the website.

Reward Periods

The 2013-14 Wellpower program will feature two reward periods of five months each. The fall period runs from September through January, and the spring period runs February through June. Wellpower will end the program for the year on June 30, 2014.  

Reward Requirements & Reward Options

To be eligible to earn a reward, participants must provide recent biometric screening data. This data may be obtained by completing a free on-campus screening or by faxing recent screening results from a full physical to our screening partner. If a participant completes the screening in the fall reward period, s/he has also met the requirement for the spring reward period and does not need to repeat the screening again until the following fall. Participants who completed the screening in spring 2013 will be notified via email that they've completed this requirement for the fall, but will need to complete a screening again to qualify to earn a reward during the spring reward period. Screenings will be offered in late April/early May in 2014.

NOTE: Badges earned in the fall reward period do not apply to the spring reward period.

 Gold Level Requirements  Gold Level Reward Options
  • Have a biometric screening on file
  • Earn at least 3 additional badges
  • 1 day of vacation
  • 2 months free on-campus parking
  • 6 month Dedman Center membership
  • 1 Group X, Lunch Bunch Crunch, or Water Fitness pass for the upcoming semester
  • $50 gift certificate to
  • $75 discount on CAPE class
  • 45 minute chair massage at Dedman Center
  • 5 Meal tickets to RFoC @ Umphrey Lee
Silver Level Requirements Silver Level Reward Options
  • Have a biometric screening on file
  • Earn 2 additional badges
  • 1 month free on-campus parking
  • 3 month Dedman Center membership
  • $25 gift certificate to
  • 30 minute chair massage at Dedman Center

Earning Badges

Participants will earn badges by completing activities in the Amazing Challenge or by completing additional challenges or classes. A maximum of 2 Personal Challenges will be allowed per reward period.

Available Badges

Reward Processing

Participants who complete all requirements at the end of a reward period will be invited to select their rewards in the month following the end of the reward period. Rewards, such as vacation days, may require two months to process due to various payroll cycles.

Confidential, Convenient Health Coaching Available

Beginning in October, Wellpower will host a Baylor Health Coach on-campus most Wednesdays during the long semesters. Our health coach will teach wellness seminars, approve personal challenges, provide confidential individual health coaching, and conduct outreach to the staff/faculty community to promote a culture of wellness at SMU. Email us at for additional information or to connect with our health coach, Paige Shouse. Coaching appointments are limited, so please make your request as soon as possible. 

Wellpower Newsletters and Communications

Participants enrolled in the Amazing Challenge during the fall or spring reward periods will receive weekly newsletters via email as well as reminders about logging points and other resource information associated with the Amazing Challenge. Those participating as a member of a team may also receive communications from their team captain throughout a challenge.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Wellpower and SMU support the protection of your private medical information. Your individual health information is never shared with anyone at SMU. Wellpower has contracted with Baylor Health System to help provide wellness programming for our staff and faculty. Our Wellpower health coach is a Baylor Health System employee, and may have access to your biometric screening information and any other information you choose to share. Our health coach will keep that information confidential in accordance with HIPPA and other applicable privacy guidelines. Only aggregate, group data will be provided to SMU. Group data does not include any individual information and allows Wellpower to monitor the effectiveness of programs and services. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy with regard to medical information, please contact us at

IRS Regulations on Prizes and Awards

Prizes and rewards earned or won through Wellpower may be considered as taxable personal income according to the IRS. Wellpower will report prizes and rewards to payroll and applicable payroll tax deductions will occur. Items given as educational or program supports will not be considered as a prize or reward. Example: pedometers given out to support an exercise challenge are not considered prizes, but are part of the wellness program activity itself.