Health at SMU

Health Plans

SMU provides a comprehensive array of health plans designed to meet the individual needs of SMU employees and their eligible family members. The Medical, Dental, and Vision plans cover routine preventive care services at little or no cost to participants. SMU is committed to providing health coverage and resources to help you maintain your health and prevent diseases. 

Medical Plan

SMU's Health and Wellness Plan, administered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas, includes several deductible options. All of the plans cover a wide variety of medical services, including office visits, prescription drugs, and inpatient and outpatient care.

Prescription Drug Plan

This section provides information on SMU's Prescription Drug Plan, administered by Express Scripts (formerly known as Medco). If participants enroll in one the SMU's Health and Wellness Plan PPO options, prescription drug coverage is included. Participants have the choice of purchasing their prescriptions through local retail pharmacies or through a mail order program.

Dental Plan

Administered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas, the Dental Preferred Provider Organization gives participants the ability to visit any dentist, without referrals for al of your dental care. If participants select of on BCBSTX's network dentists, they will generally pay less for the care. Should they choose a dentist outside of BCBSTX's PPO network, the share of costs will be higher and may need to file their own claims.

Vision Plan

This section provides information on SMU's Vision Plan, administered by VSP. This plan offers access to a large network of participating optometrists and ophthalmologists plus a few select retain chains. Participants' benefits include full examinations and access to lenses, frames, and contact lenses at discounted prices.

Flexible Spending Accounts

This section provides information of SMU's Flexible Spending Accounts. A FSA enables participants to pay for out-of-pocket health care or dependent daycare expenses with pre-tax payroll contributions.  FSAs are exempt from federal taxes, Social Security (FICA) taxes and, in most cases, state income taxes.  Tax savings and the effect on each paycheck will depend on the participant's situation (e.g., household income, tax bracket, and the amount participants contribute to the account).

Health Savings Account

This section provides information on SMU's Health Savings Account. If participants enroll in either the $2,500 or $5,000 Deductible PPO Options, then they will be able to take advantage of a special tax-savings feature called a Health Savings Account (HSA).  The HSA is a tax-free bank account used to help pay the cost of eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses.  Contributions to the account are made via payroll deduction.