DART Transit Pass

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Real-Time Shuttle Tracker…is here!!!


DoubleMap real-time shuttle tracking service is now available for the SMU Express (768) and Museum Express (743) shuttles.
You can track the shuttles on a regular or mobile website, smu.doublemap.com, or with apps you can download for free. 

Here’s a quick guide to get started:
Stand-alone app users should select “SMU Shuttles” from the initial list of bus systems. 

Show and hide individual routes on the map (sidebar switches on the web, Routes menu on mobile).

DoubleMap will remember what routes you choose for the next time you open it.

Hover over a stop to see its name appear.

Click on a stop to display estimates of when the next buses arrive.

Locate your bus on a route; look for the moving pin with the route number or letter on it.