Bridwell Library Named Collections

Other Named Collections at Bridwell Library

THE WILLIAM PERRY BENTLEY COLLECTION ON PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, PARAPSYCHOLOGY, AND COGNATE SUBJECTS was first established by agreement with William Perry Bentley in 1965. In the early 1970s Mr. Bentley provided complete, bound files of the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research and other related serials and donated his scholarly books on parapsychology to Bridwell Library. The collection’s purpose is to support scholarly and scientific research in the study of psychic phenomena.

THE BRANNIN COLLECTION OF RELIGION IN SOCIAL ACTION was established by Carl and Laura Brannin shortly before the death of Mrs. Brannin in 1965. The collection specifically covers contemporary social movements, with an emphasis on the biographies of participants. The collection now includes more than one thousand volumes focusing on social movements of the past four decades.

THE EDICIONES DOS AMIGOS COLLECTION includes numerous publications by this outstanding private press based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Highlights include the sumptuously designed masterpiece of the press, Jorge Luis Borges's El Aleph (1998).

THE VIOLET HAYDEN/JOYCE COLLECTION was donated to Bridwell Library by Mrs. Violet Hayden Dowell on Bloomsday, June 16, 1971. The one hundred volumes include several significant highlights of the James Joyce corpus, particularly works printed in highly limited editions. Noteworthy items include Joyce’s first published pamphlet, The Day of Rabblement (1901); the first printing of Ulysses (1922), number 40 of the first 100 copies, signed by Joyce; and a signed limited edition of his last work, Finnegan's Wake (1939).

THE GEORGE LEINWALL JAMES JOYCE COLLECTION, comprising more than 1,200 separate Joyce items, was purchased with Bridwell Foundation funds in 1977 from Mr. George Leinwall. The collection complements the Violet Hayden Joyce Collection; together the two collections include practically every major Joyce publication and piece of Joyce criticism.

THE MINGA COLLECTION focuses on the classical concept of poetry as the music of the soul.  The collection of approximately 350 books includes Mrs. Ann Barcus Minga's own published verse and is supplemented by two linear feet of archival materials.

THE NEW THOUGHT ARCHIVE was established in 1960 in connection with the research of the late Dr. Charles S. Braden, author of the 1963 critical history Spirits in Rebellion: the Rise and Development of New Thought.  The collection includes approximately eight hundred volumes in addition to several folders of clippings, photographs, and correspondence by the leaders of New Thought.

THE NEW WORLD TO NEW THOUGHT: THE RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE IN AMERICA, a collection developed in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Donald Curtis, was established by the Leland Fikes Foundation in 1972. Its purpose is to chart the bibliographical steps to religious freedom in America, starting with the early colonies and culminating in the New Thought movement.

THE EVELYN OPPENHEIMER COLLECTION was donated by Evelyn Oppenheimer, a noted Dallas book reviewer. The collection includes several hundred modern first editions and five linear feet of archival material.

THE SHETTLES COLLECTION was acquired by a combination of gift and purchase in 1922 from Methodist minister E. L. Shettles. The books and pamphlets focus on the history of the Methodist Church and include numerous early imprints.

THE TE DEUM COLLECTION was established in 1975 by Rev. Carl and Julia Delle Keightley. The endowment for this collection provides funds for the acquisition of books on religious art and architecture as well as the book arts.

THE VICTORIAN AND EARLY DECORATIVE BINDINGS COLLECTION was donated in 1976 and 1978 by distinguished Texas printers William F. and Barbara L. Holman. The nearly four hundred volumes in the collection include unique examples of decorative bindings from the Victorian period.

THE MILAM WADE COLLECTION and the accompanying endowed book fund were donated by Dallas attorney Milam Wade in 1981. The collection of 1,300 books focusing on English literature and history includes rare editions of the Bible, Shakespeare, and John Bunyan.

THE LANCE WEBB LIBRARY OF CHRISTIAN SPIRITUAL FORMATION was presented to Bridwell Library by Bishop Lance Webb in 1983. The collection includes several hundred works concerned with Christian spirituality.

THE JEAN WHITE/HERTZOG COLLECTION was donated by Mrs. Carl Hertzog and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. White in 1978. The 329 items in the collection represent books designed and printed by Carl Hertzog of El Paso, perhaps Texas's most distinguished printer, as well as ephemeral items with manuscript notations by Mr. Hertzog.