Henry Moore's Unpublished Manuscript

A Plain Account of the Conduct of Dr. Whitehead Respecting Mr. Wesley's MSS. &c. in Reply to What the Doctor has Published on That Subject.

Bridwell Library owns first edition copies of both works that were part of the John Wesley official biography controversy: The Life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., including an Account of the Great Revival of Religion in Europe and America, of Which He Was the First and Chief Instrument by Thomas Coke and Henry Moore, published in 1792, and John Whitehead’s The Life of the Rev. John Wesley . . . : Collected from His Private Papers and Printed Works; and Written at the Request of His Executors, published in 1793. To access these volumes, please contact the Special Collections staff. Digital versions of both titles are available for use at http://www.archive.org.

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