Late Fifteenth-Century Latin Indulgence Promoting War against the Turks

Raimundus Peraudi (1435–1505).
[Indulgence for Promoting War against the Turks, in Latin].
Forma confessionalis et absolutionis pro tuition orthodoxae fidae contra turcos.
Memmingen: Albrecht Kunne, not after 1490.
Broadside, printed on vellum.

Printed during the reign of Pope Innocent VIII and issued by papal legate Raimundus Peraudi, the sale of this indulgence was intended to raise funds for war against the Turks. The form included blank spaces to record in manuscript the original sale, although this information here has since been deleted. One of three recorded copies of this printing, the Bridwell Library copy survives as four strips of binder’s waste recovered from an old volume.