The Sixth Helen Warren DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and American Bookbinding Competition, 2012

Libri quatuor De imitatione Christi, praecipuo regni administro, dicati. Paris: Ex typographia Fratris Regis natu proximi (Pierre-François Didot), 1788.

The Imitation of Christ is the most widely read Christian text after the Bible. Its spirit of personal devotion patterned on the life of Christ has been embraced by Catholics and Protestants alike and has profoundly influenced the spiritual reflections of readers from its first appearance through the present day.

David John Lawrence
2012 DeGolyer Award for American Bookbinding
Eleanore Ramsey
Award for Excellence in Fine Binding
Jana Pullman
Award for Design

Sherry Barber
Patty Bruce Nancy Buchanan
Catherine Burkhard
Gabrielle Cooksey
Jill Deiss and Amy Jackson
Barbara Dossett
Jane Lenz Elder
Don Etherington
Samuel Feinstein
Gabrielle Fox
William Neal Franklin
Peter Geraty
M. Sue Gilly
Karen Hanmer
Forrest Jackson
Esther Kibby
Pamela Train Leutz
Chela Metzger
Sabina Ursula Nies
Nancy Nitzberg

James Reid-Cunningham
Jan Sobota
Julie Beinecke Stackpole
James Tapley
Peter and Donna Thomas
Pamela S. Wood
Constance Wozny