DeGolyer Exhibition and Bookbinding Competition, 2015

M. Sue Gilly
Dallas, Texas

M. Sue Gilly has studied bookbinding with David Lawrence at the Craft Guild of Dallas since 2005, and has taken a workshop in gold tooling with Stuart Brockman. She participated in “The Thread That Binds,” a 2011 exhibition presented by the Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. Gilly also participated in the 2012 DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition.


Decorated case binding in full tan goatskin with onlays of multiple colors of goatskin having transferred images/text, and onlays of leather lacing. Multi-colored leather stuck-on headbands; all edges toned with brown inks; decorative endpapers by Catherine Levine. Transfers made using Acrylic Gel Medium, laser copy/print images or text, and light colored leather. One thick coat of medium brushed onto image/text, placed face down onto the leather, put into a press for several hours, and allowed to dry thoroughly. Paper is removed from the leather using water and a soft, smooth cloth.

The design is meant to convey the textbook aspect of Middleton’s book, with the look of a restored leather binding and the sophistication of a design binding. This is achieved through the use of traditional tan leather background, colorful onlays, grids of lacing, text/image transfers, colorful headbands, and pastedowns to create an integral presentation.


Irving Stone. Lust for Life: The Novel of Vincent van Gogh. New York: Modern Library, 1939.

Flat spine tight back case binding (Islamic-style, adapted) in full black goatskin with inlays of white bonded leather (75% leather) with full-color transfers of van Gogh paintings; title blind stamped. Hand embroidered Islamic headband (straight weaving) in blue and yellow silk; top edge graphite; blue lokta endpapers with gold painted accents.   Full black cloth protective box with details from several van Gogh paintings.