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Exhibition Catalogs

Presidential Documents at Bridwell Library, by Timothy S. G. Binkley.  Dallas: Bridwell Library, 2013. 28 pp., 31 ills.

Four Centuries of Religious Books for Children, by Daniel J. Slive.  Dallas: Bridwell Library, 2012. 58 pp., 23 ills.

“Heresy and Error”:  The Ecclesiastical Censorship of Books 1400-1800, by Eric Marshall White.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2010. 40 pp., 23 ills.

Highlights from Bridwell Library Special Collections, by Eric Marshall White and Daniel J. Slive.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2010. 36 pp., 16 ills.

Books for Devotion:  Private Prayer and Piety through Eight Centuries, by Eric Marshall White.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2009. 28 pp., 14 ills.

Six Centuries of Master Bookbinding at Bridwell Library, by Eric Marshall White, Elizabeth Haluska-Rausch, and John T. McQuillen. Dallas: Bridwell Library, 2006. 126 pp., 47 ills.

Livres d'artiste: The Artist and the Book in Twentieth-Century France, by Dorothy Kosinski, preface by Valerie Hotchkiss.  Dallas: Bridwell Library, 2005. 47 pp., 20 ills.
From George to George:  Presidential Elections in the United States from 1789 to the Present, by R. Hal Williams and Hervey A. Priddy, preface by James A. McMillin. Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2004. 97 pp., 25 ills.
Peter Schoeffer:  Printer of Mainz, by Eric Marshall White, preface by Paul Needham.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2003. 93 pp., 41 ills.
The Helen Warren DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition for American Bookbinding 2003, foreword by Valerie Hotchkiss, introduction by Colin Franklin.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2003. 51 pp., 86 ills.
Wesley in America: An Exhibition Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Birth of John Wesley, includes the essays "Wesley in America" by Richard P. Heitzenrater and "John Wesley as Sitter" by Peter S. Forsaith.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2003. 74 pp.
The Ruth & Dr. Lyle M. Sellers Collection at Bridwell Library, by Eric Marshall White.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2002. 59 pp., 60 ills.
A Methodist Minister in Paris: The Letters of Andrew Longacre1860-1862, edited by Wanda Willard Smith.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2002.  309 pp., 38 ills.
The Gutenberg Collection at Bridwell Library, by Eric Marshall White.  Dallas: Bridwell Library, 2000. 14 pp., 4 ills.
The Helen Warren DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition 2000: Designs for 'Ulysses' by American Bookbinders, edited by Eric Marshall White and Sally Key; foreword by Valerie R. Hotchkiss.   Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 2000. 56 pp.
Ediciones Dos Amigos: Illustrated Books in Limited Editions, edited by Ernesto Lowenstein.  Buenos Aires:  Ediciones Dos Amigos, 1999. 37 pp., ills.

Bold Beginnings: The Art of the Illuminated Initial in the Bridwell-DeBellis Collection of Fifteenth-Century Italian Printing, edited by Eric Marshall White. Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1998. 28 pp., ills.

Center for Methodist Studies at Bridwell Library: Lectures on Several Occasions, edited by Page A. Thomas. Includes lectures by Frederick E. Maser, "The Movement that Launched a Church," and Richard P. Heitzenrater, "John Wesley's Principles and Practice of Preaching."  Dallas:  Center for Methodist Studies, Bridwell Library, 1997. 51 pp.
Selina Hastings, the Countess of Huntingdon, by Wanda Willard Smith.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1997. 95 pp., 5 ills.

The 1997 Helen Warren DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition & Award for American Bookbinding, edited by Jan B. Sobota, Valerie Hotchkiss, and Decherd Turner. Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1997. 58 pp., 47 ills.
The Kelmscott Press & Its Legacy, edited by Isaac Gewirtz and David J. Lawrence.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1996. 60 pp., 6 ills.
The Reformation of the Bible, the Bible of the Reformation, by Jaroslav Pelikan, David Price, and Valerie R. Hotchkiss.  New Haven: Yale University Press, and Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1996. 110 pp., ills.

Girolamo Savonarola: Piety, Prophecy and Politics in Renaissance Florence, by Donald Weinstein, Valerie R. Hotchkiss, and Isaac Gewirtz.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1994. 108 pp., ills.
50 x 25, edited by Jan Sobota and Jarmila Sobotova.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1993. 106 pp., 64 ills.
Mainz to Moderns: An Exhibition of Masterworks from Collections of Bridwell Library, by Isaac Gewirtz.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1993. 1 vol. (unpaginated), 22 ills.
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe: Mother of God, Mother of the Americas, by Edwin Edward Sylvest.  Dallas: Bridwell Library, 1992. 140 pp., 88 ills., 17 facsims.
Presidential Autographs, by Dennis Michael Simon.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1992. 33 pp., 1 ill., 23 facsims.

"Faithful unto Death": Last Years and Legacy of John Wesley, edited by Richard P. Heitzenrater.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1991. 125 pp., 13 ills.

Fifteenth Century Renaissance: The Greek Connection, edited by Robert Maloy. Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1990. 102 pp., 51 facsims.

Anglican Liturgy: A Living Tradition, edited by Lynn Lehman, Roger Loyd, and Page A. Thomas, with contributions by Jerry D. Godwin and Richard P. Heitzenrater.  Dallas:  Bridwell Library, 1986. 86 pp., 25 ills.

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