Place Materials On Reserve

Place Materials On Reserve


For each course please complete a Course Reserve Request Form with the following information:

  • The instructor
  • Contact information for the professor and/or TA
  • The course number (e.g. NT 6301)
  • The call number, author, and title of each requested item
  • The full citation of the book/journal in which an assigned chapter or article may be found

    Example: Tanner, Kathryn. "Theology and Popular Culture." In Changing Conversations: Religious Reflection & Cultural Analysis, edited by Dwight N. Hopkins and Sheila Greeve Devaney, 101-122. New York: Routledge, 1996.

Taking these steps will help expedite the course reserve process:

  • Please supply a copy of the course reading list to the circulation desk staff
  • To ensure that materials are available in advance of the assignment, please allow one week for processing reserve items; requests are processed in the order they are received

Faculty or teaching assistants may request that material be taken off reserve at any time, either in person or in writing.  Note that only faculty members and their teaching assistants may submit materials for reserve or remove materials from reserve.

Unless requested for the next term or designated as permanent reserve items, all materials will be taken off reserve at the end of the term. Personal copies will be routed to the instructor's mailbox or office.


Bridwell Library materials

Please complete a Course Reserve Request Form. Once a Course Reserve Request Form is received, Bridwell Library staff will pull requested books from the stacks, recall items that are checked out, and inform faculty immediately if a requested item is missing. Library staff will make every effort to find all requested items.

Materials from other SMU libraries

Submit your request using the Course Reserve Request Form and note the library where the item is housed. Library staff will handle the transfer of the item to Bridwell Library.  Please do not check out items and bring them to Bridwell yourself.

New book requests

If you are requesting a book for reserve that is not currently owned by SMU, you must initiate an order at least six weeks prior to the assignment to ensure its availability. Please submit a Suggest a Purchase form, either at the Circulation Desk or online, and indicate on the form the course number for which the item is needed.

Personal copies of books

Bring personal copies of books to the Circulation Desk, and include author and title information on your Course Reserve Request Form. Personal copies will be affixed with a non-removable security tag and limited to a 3-hour loan period within the library.


Bridwell Library does not place paper photocopies on reserve. Please see the information on electronic reserves below.

Electronic Reserves

Neither e-books nor online articles may be placed on course reserve. Instead, use permalinks in Canvas.


Course reserves must comply with the limits of fair use under U. S. copyright law. For more information please see the following: