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Jon Speck

Director of Operations
Exhibition Designer

Jon Speck

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BFA, The Atlanta College of Art, 1978

Areas of Responsibility

Designs Bridwell Library exhibitions and related print material. Provides leadership toward Bridwell Library facility maintenance, improvement, and use. Manages systems for collection security. Serves as Bridwell Library liaison to SMU’s Office of Facility Planning and Management, Department of Risk Management (for safety and emergency preparedness), and Office of Information Technology (for communication systems).

About Me

A Dallas native, I spent formative years in Atlanta studying painting and drawing, eventually joining the High Museum staff as chief preparator. After many years my wife and I returned to Dallas so that our three-year old daughter could be nurtured by a grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins nearby. In 1989 I joined the Bridwell Library staff just in time to prepare the inaugural exhibition in The Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Galleries, The Bible: 100 Landmarks from the Elizabeth Perkin Prothro Collection. Nearly two hundred and fifty exhibits later I still enjoy figuring out ways to display Gutenberg Bible leaves, papyrii, lantern slides, miniature books, daguerreotypes, sewn-skin scrolls, santos and retablos, Wesley’s death mask, artist books, a harpsicord, Whitefield’s traveling pulpit, U. S. Presidential memorabilia, and an Egyptian mummy.