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Jane Lenz Elder

Head of Reference, Research, and the Bridwell Theological Writing Center
Interim Access Services Manager

Jane Elder

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Bridwell Library
PO Box 750476
Dallas, TX 75275-0476

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Bridwell Library
6005 Bishop Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75205 

Areas of Responsibility

Reference in the areas of Church History, Religious Studies, Theology, and Methodism; bibliographic instruction for classes and individuals; research and writing support; and collection development for Bridwell’s reference room.

About Me

The best aspect of my job is getting to work with Perkins students, the second best is getting to work in the quiet (I will not hesitate to shush), the third best is learning something new every day about history, faith, books, and people. I am a high-functioning introvert who, in my spare time, enjoys listening to traditional jazz, watching old movies, and spotting errors in menus or public signage. My chin-stroking credentials are solid: 3.2 master’s degrees (theology, history, library science), two historically edited books, one biography, and a flock of scholarly articles. I’ve worked at SMU in a variety of capacities since the Pleistocene, and Perkins is definitely the best place on campus to be—with or without mastadons.

Favorite Quote

“There are more things in heaven and Earth and the library, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet Act I, scene 5 [modified]

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