Mustang Mini Reunions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I plan a Mustang Mini?

These informal gatherings are great ways to reunite with friends you shared common connections with while in school. The process is simple - just think of who you want to get together and let us know.  We can help you with the details and coordinate efforts so others know about your plans.

How do I plan a Mustang Mini?

Simply inform the SMU Office of Reunion Programs that you are interested in getting a group of your friends together for Homecoming weekend. It is that easy.

When should I get started?

The earlier the better! Contacting us early allows us to provide you with more focused attention and resources.

How do I obtain a list of group members?

After you sign a release form, SMU can assist you with finding classmates or group members.

When and where should we hold our Mustang Mini?

You may want to consider planning your Mustang Minis during times that do not conflict with other University-sponsored events during Homecoming weekend. For suggestions, please contact us.

Who funds Mustang Mini reunions?

Mustang Minis are designed to work on a break-even basis. Guests typically pay based on individual consumption ("going Dutch").

How will SMU promote my event?

As soon as you finalize the details for your reunion, please send them to us. We will post your event details online.

What else does SMU provide?

In addition to online event promotion, SMU can:

  • Provide blank name tags and attendance lists for your guests
  • Provide a limited amount of SMU letterhead, envelopes and cards for you to mail invitees
  • Provide a student liaison for current student organization groups

Will anyone take photos?

Consider appointing a classmate to take photos or video. SMU can upload these to after your event.

What about out-of-town guests?

SMU Undergraduate Admissions has worked with area hotels to offer discounted rates to SMU visitors.  Click here to book a place to stay and ask if an SMU discount is available.

How do we handle invitations?

Try sending online invitations through a free service such as Evite to get the word out about your Mustang Mini, or mail a letter. SMU can also provide a limited amount of letterhead and envelopes at no cost.

How can guests register for my event?

  • Consider a free online invitation site such as Evite
  • By contacting you

One week prior to the event, please contact SMU with a final count.

What about giving back?

Making a donation to SMU in honor of your group is a great way to give back to the University’s current students. Suggesting a tax-deductible donation allows group members to help SMU achieve its alumni participation goals and give back to an area they are passionate about.