Admission Staff

Admission Staff

Tyler Snyder

Assistant Director for Campus Visits

Tyler Snyder

Tyler Snyder
Assistant Director of Campus Visits

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Year I Joined the Office of Admission: 2017

Favorite things about SMU: The students balance their academic pursuits with community engagement. It is hard to find a student that is not passionate about their majors and highly involved with campus organizations. The campus also has an iconic collegiate feel—it is the quintessential American college campus. One of my personal favorite things about SMU is getting a fresh pressed tortilla for tacos or burritos from Arnold Dining Commons.

Favorite place on campus: My first time on campus I took a nap on the lawn outside Clements Hall and took in the sights and noise of a bustling college community. SMU’s campus is both beautiful and accessible; its green spaces allow for students to find a quiet refuge amongst the greater Dallas cityscape. Have lunch on a bench or under a tree and do some people watching, it will not disappoint!  

Favorite place in Dallas: My Dallas happy place is wandering somewhere around the Deep Ellum neighborhood. It is an artsy, eclectic, buzzing neighborhood jam packed with restaurants, unique shopping and outdoor street art. If you go at the right time, you will entranced by the aroma of Pecan Lodge’s barbecue pits, yum! 

Favorite restaurant near campus: Well, this is a loaded question, how does one decide a favorite restaurant among so many good options? Twisted Root Burger is a top contender; as a New England transplant, I particularly like the burger “the happy pilgrim.”

What I recommend during your stay in Dallas: For taco fans like me, Dallas is a great city to explore while eating your way around town. Between Fuel City Tacos in downtown, Velvet Taco in Knox Henderson, Revolver Taco in Deep Ellum, and Torchy’s by SMU, you have no shortage of good places to eat. To see Dallas is to eat good food, enjoy some warm weather and get off the beaten path.

Admission Advice:

  • Take your time on the supplement essays—many colleges want to hear why their university is on your college list.
  • Seek out admission counselor, guidance counselor and parent help when filling out your college application—it’s okay for you to ask for support in the college search process.
  • Seek out a recommender who knows you the best. Someone who may know you beyond the classroom.