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“SMU was the school for me because I wanted a personalized experience in college, where my professors would know me and care about where I want to go in life. My work in the Vogel-Wise Lab allows me as a pre-health student to not only participate in important research on finding ways to help cancer patients who don’t respond to chemotherapy, but also develop my own project and create meaningful connections with professors.”

Engaged Learning

Change Dallas and the world through special projects in research, civic engagement, creative work and internships in this distinctive SMU program. SMU students are pursuing Engaged Learning projects in about 20 countries worldwide. Pair up with a faculty mentor and work with a community organization that needs your ideas.

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Creating Bionic Solutions

Meet Ophelie

She wants to help people with mobility issues walk more naturally by creating a better human-machine relationship.

Under the guidance of Professor Dario Villarreal, Ophelie Herve and other students worked with a robotic exoskeleton to adapt technology to the natural rhythm of walking. Ophelie, a mechanical engineering graduate student, began her research as an undergraduate designing portable sensors to measure how people walk in the real world. Now, she’s studying how amputees and stroke victims might use their functioning muscles to help control their prosthetic legs. “It’s unusual to start research in a lab setting as an undergraduate and continue the same work through a master’s program. That’s a real opportunity for me.”

Working for Justice

Meet Greg

Through SMU’s Engaged Learning program, Greg Guggenmos launched his nonprofit Community Bail Fund of North Texas to help free poor defendants charged with nonviolent, misdemeanor crimes as they await trial.

The statistical science major developed a plan for pretrial reform in the Oak Cliff and West Dallas areas of Big D to address injustice and biases while working on his master’s degree in applied statistics and data analytics.

Serve in Dallas

Walk to Raise Funds

Join a team in Relay for Life, a community walk that has raised billions worldwide to fight cancer.

Talk Trash

Help clean the shoreline of Dallas’ iconic White Rock Lake, near SMU.

Say No to Hunger

Sort and pack food for the thousands of North Texans served by the North Texas Food Bank.

Help Animals in Need

Volunteer at animal shelters, such as the no-kill Paws in the City.