At SMU, you will build relationships with world changers like you – the problem-solvers, the influencers and the leaders who will make an impact around the globe.

“SMU’s approach to interdisciplinary study has shaped me into a more critical thinker who can approach a problem from both business and scientific perspectives.”

 - W. Holt Garner ’19, in downtown Dallas | BBA in accounting | B.A. in biology | Medical student, UT Southwestern Medical Center

W. Holt Garner maneuvered his passion for accounting and biology with ease. As he prepared for medical school, his dual degree plan provided a competitive edge to pursue diverse internship opportunities focusing on the business and clinical aspects of health care.

Putting the brakes on texting while driving

Meet Neha

A 2014 collision inspired Neha Husein ’19 to create a smartphone app that rewards drivers for not texting while driving.

Just DriveNow Neha, who earned bachelor’s degrees in marketing and human rights, is the founder and CEO of Just Drive, a viable startup that awards points to drivers who lock their phones while driving. Those points can then be redeemed for free food, drinks or merchandise. “Just Drive is a perfect combination of my interests in human rights and marketing. It combines business with a philanthropic cause.”


Stepping into the business of politics

Meet Zach

As a Highland Capital Management Tower Scholar, Zach Miller ’18, ’19 benefited from a unique immersion experience in public policymaking for SMU undergraduates.

ZachZach earned a bachelor’s degree in economics with finance applications and a master’s degree in applied economics and predictive analytics. Access to global and national leaders and policymakers helped him start Atlas Strategies LLC, his own political consulting firm. “One of the biggest reasons I launched my own firm was the network SMU provides.” Now he works as a machine learning engineer at SparkCognition in Austin, Texas.


Impressive Internships

SMU integrates internships and experiential/applied learning opportunities outside of the classroom so that you build experience before applying for a job.

  • Six months after graduation, nearly 90% OF SMU GRADUATES HAVE JOBS or are in grad school.
  • STUDENTS selected for the BBA Portfolio Management Practicum course MANAGE THE $4.3 MILLION ANN RIFE COX UNDERGRADUATE FUND, one of the oldest student-managed portfolios in the country.
  • Meadows School of the Arts’ Temerlin ADVERTISING Institute STUDENTS LAND INTERNSHIPS AT PROMINENT AGENCIES in the Dallas area and beyond.
  • Eighty-four percent of Lyle engineering students complete at least one internship.
  • Many among our 61,000-PLUS DFW-AREA ALUMNI are entrepreneurs, executives and civic leaders who MENTOR SMU STUDENTS.