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Events/Visiting Campus/Connecting with SMU


Because on-campus events for prospective students are limited, what are some other ways for me to connect virtually and learn more about SMU?

We have multiple virtual options for you to stay connected with us! Click here to see which option(s) work best for you and your family. 


Can I schedule a remote meeting with my SMU Admission Counselor?
Absolutely! Find your SMU Admission Counselor here. At the top of your SMU Admission Counselor’s page, you will find a link to schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting. We look forward to connecting with you.


Because I can’t attend a college fair, how do I receive information about SMU and ask questions?
First, if you currently don’t receive important emails from us, please complete this short form to receive information about SMU. We encourage you to find your SMU Admission Counselor here. We also have multiple ways you will be able to connect with us directly online. Check out our Virtual Experienceswhich will help you get a better understanding of the SMU community. 


When will I be able to visit/schedule a visit to campus?

We are currently offering limited campus tours led by student ambassadors, which are conducted entirely outside of campus buildings. All tours are posted online as they become available. Click here to learn more.


You can also connect with us in the following ways:

·      Schedule a virtual 1:1 meeting with your admission counselor. At the top of your SMU Admission Counselor’s page, you will find a link to schedule the meeting.

·      Call 1-800-323-0672 (toll-free) during business hours (8:30 am-5 pm CST) to speak with a member of our team.

·      Take a virtual tour of our campus at smu.edu/visit.

·      For the latest updates, follow @SMUAdmission on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

·      If you are not receiving emails from us, please complete this short form to ensure you’re in our system.


If the campus tour is at full capacity and I’m not able to register online, may I still come?

Unfortunately, because of safety precautions and University policies, we are unable to accommodate more than the designated amount of individuals for each visit. However, you may still visit and enjoy our self-guided or QR code tour of campus. Click here to receive access to those tour options.


Am I able to visit the campus on the weekend?

You are certainly welcome to visit campus on the weekend. At the moment, all weekend visits are currently suspended, but if you visit SMU when our office is closed, please complete this short form to gain access to our self-guided or QR campus code tour.


To find what dates are available for in-person visits to SMU, please click here. If none of those options work for you, there are many ways for you to connect with our office virtually. 


Are there any options for students who do not have a smartphone or are without internet access to still connect with SMU and the Office of Undergraduate Admission?
Feel free to call 1-800-323-0672 during business hours to speak with a member of our team.


Application Review Questions


Because my school has been out of session, I have not been able to take part in my regular extracurricular activities. Will this affect my application?
SMU’s Office of Undergraduate Admission will continue to provide a truly holistic review of a student’s application. We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted school and community-based activities and anticipate that there may be potential gaps in involvement on a student’s resume. The Admission Committee will work to meet you where you are!


What am I supposed to do if I’m not able to take the SAT or ACT now?
We are extending our temporary test-optional policy for students applying for admission for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. It is our hope this policy will relieve some of the anxiety about standardized testing and its availability for those students applying to SMU in the next year.


What if I have already submitted SAT/ACT scores but wouldn’t like them to be considered?

On your application, you will mark if you would like to have your SAT or ACT scores considered. If you have marked “no” but have sent your scores to SMU, we will be able to remove them from your file. If you have marked “yes”, then your test scores will be considered.


If I choose not to submit test scores, how will that affect my scholarship eligibility and consideration?

Students who apply without test scores will still be considered for all academic scholarships. The choice to apply without test scores will not impact your eligibility.


Transfer and International Students


Will unofficial college transcripts be acceptable if there is a delay in receiving official college transcripts?
Yes, we will work with you! We are temporarily accepting unofficial transcripts for an initial application review. However, any offers of admission based on unofficial transcripts are conditional upon later receipt of an official transcript.


Are international transfer students still required to submit English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test)?
If a student’s education has not been in English, they must provide proof of English proficiency. We know that you will have the greatest potential for success when they have an effective comprehension of the English language. To learn more about the application requirements for students who are at a university abroad, please click here.


Is your office still receiving mail and processing as normal? Should I assume my admission status and checklist are current?
Yes. Transcripts and test scores sent in the mail will be accepted and processed. There may be a slight delay in processing transcripts and test scores sent through the mail. When possible, send transcripts and test scores electronically to ugadmission@smu.edu. You may track whether we have received your materials at admission.smu.edu/apply/status. If you know your documents have been submitted but don’t see them updated in your admission portal, please give it several business days from its submission for it to be processed.


Will there be a delay in processing my application due to the physical office being closed?
We are still processing applications in a timely matter. We encourage you to track your application status at https://admission.smu.edu/apply/status.