Destination SMU

Destination SMU FAQ

Why should I attend DSMU instead of a daily visit?
Although our daily visits provide an excellent idea of SMU’s programs and opportunities, the Destination SMU programs are much more in-depth. You will have the opportunity to meet with students, attend classes, and learn more about student life than you would on a regular visit day. If you can fit Destination SMU into your schedule, it is worth the trip! 

How do I register to attend Destination SMU?
Registration for Destination SMU is done through your personalized application status page, which you have been accessing to check the status of your application. To register, click here, and enter your email address and password that you have set up. If you are prompted to enter a PIN number, please refer back to the email you received from us entitled “Thank You for Applying to SMU.”

What is the difference between DSMU and a Spotlight or Mustang Day program?
Destination SMU is a program for accepted students to experience SMU in-depth, while Mustang Days (MD) is a program for students to gain a more general overview of SMU. Typically, MD is for those who have not applied (sophomores, juniors and seniors in the fall) and DSMU is for admitted students (seniors) only. A Spotlight is an in-depth look at one SMU school in particular (ex. Cox School of Business), and is open to all students of all ages. Destination SMU exposes you to many more student organizations and parts of the university that you did not have the chance to experience at the MD or Spotlight programs. While both of these programs are great, DSMU also allows you to meet other admitted students and speak to more current students. It is specifically designed to help admitted students decide whether SMU is right for them or not, and we make sure it is not just a repeat of programs you have attended before!

Can I spend the night on campus before or after the program?
Unfortunately, we do not offer the option of staying overnight during Destination SMU. To gain a perspective of campus life, there are tours of the residence halls, classes to sit in on, a student life exposition, and SMU student ambassadors to ask questions of and meet with.

Am I okay to book my flight/travel once I receive my confirmation email?
Yes, once you receive your confirmation email feel free to make your travel arrangements into Dallas. Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have registered and are confirmed for a program.

When will I receive additional information?
Destination SMU, students and parents will receive an email with specific information on the program’s agenda and parking information a week and a half prior to your scheduled event. Please ensure that you provide the correct email when registering.

If I’m not sure which date to attend, should I sign up for multiple sessions?
No, please only sign up for one session. Space is limited and we will need to prepare for your arrival, so please pick the best session for your schedule, and sign up for one accordingly. If you need to cancel or change your reservation, you can email

Can I register for classes before I arrive?
No, as a list of classes will be provided upon your arrival. You will have options from all of the schools at SMU, and you are permitted to attend multiple classes while you’re here.

Which airport is best?
Either DFW or Love Field will get you to SMU. Please click here for more information on transportation.

Where should we stay?
If you are wondering where to stay, please click here for a list of close hotels.