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Lizzie Brubaker

From SMU in Dallas to CNN in NYC

Lizzie Brubaker ’10 made the most of the real-world learning opportunities SMU offers. She actively pursued interesting internships, challenging leadership opportunities and special courses that took her outside the classroom and beyond the SMU campus.

Lizzie credits SMU’s engaging professors as a major factor in her success. “They gave me the opportunity to take what I learned in the classroom and go out and use it,” she says.

After studying abroad in France the summer before her junior year, Lizzie scored an internship in her hometown, working for the mayor’s office in Denver, where she helped plan the Democratic National Convention.

Later, Lizzie and fellow SMU students performed viewer research for CNN, including President Obama’s first State of the Union address. No wonder Lizzie was able to land an internship with CNN the following summer.

All of those experiences also gave her a distinct advantage in seeking a job after graduation. Today, Lizzie is living her dream, working at CNN as a production assistant on primetime’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

Lizzie Brubaker

Several of Lizzie’s professors had amazing industry connections and cool ideas on how she could market herself to prospective employers. One of those ideas was to create her own website, which helped her take her first steps in her career.