Accepted Students

Liz Dominguez

Liz helps new students adjust successfully to their new community.

The feeling of being connected, cared for and a valued member of a close-knit academic community is how Liz Dominguez describes every aspect of her life on campus — the dorms, the classroom, the entire campus lifestyle and mindset.

"At SMU, you are a person in the classroom as opposed to a number."

As a resident assistant, Liz enjoys the benefits of SMU's living and learning community, and she helps to foster that family atmosphere for new students. By spending time with them daily and developing programs in the residence hall to help fellow students manage their academic and extracurricular lives on campus, Liz shares her perspective on how to navigate all kinds of issues as they adjust to life away from home.

Liz’s favorite thing about SMU

beautiful campus!

As a campus tour guide, Liz spends a lot of time walking the campus and never gets tired of looking at it. "SMU is beautiful," she says. "SMU invests a lot of effort into making sure the campus stays as beautiful as its reputation. It's always great giving tours to people who say they've never seen a campus so beautiful."