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Joe Kobylka

Joe believes that college is a journey of self-discovery.

Joe Kobylka has taught political science at SMU since 1983. He simply loves to teach and he's good at it. He puts his heart into every class he teaches.

Professor Kobylka has won several of SMU's most prestigious teaching awards and is a member of SMU's Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Whether it's a first-year course on politics and government or a senior-level course on constitutional law, Professor Kobylka teaches with the same passion. A big reason he likes teaching at SMU is the size of the classes. They're small and he can really get to know his students on a personal level.

Away from the classroom, Professor Kobylka stays busy with his interests in law, politics and guiding students. He has written several books, articles and book chapters and is currently finishing a biography of former Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Professor Kobylka serves as faculty advisor to SMU's Honor Council, the Political Science Symposium and Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society.

Joe Kobylka wants all students to succeed. Here's his advice on making a successful transition to college.

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Kobylka teaching

Check out what students are doing in the Civil Liberties course that Professor Kobylka is teaching this semester. His courses are challenging but Professor Kobylka is committed to helping students succeed.

Interested in law school? You'll probably take Constitutional Law from Professor Kobylka. You should know that his students have a tradition of treating him to a steak dinner when they get accepted to law school.

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