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Charanya Krishnaswami

Charanya is preparing to be a global citizen through academic pursuits and personal interests.

At SMU, you'll meet students like Charanya Krishnaswami who have a global vision. Her academic pursuits and personal interests reflect her desire to learn more about the world and how to make it better.

Law school and eventually working for the United Nations as a human rights lawyer are Charanya's goals after graduating from SMU. Access to former presidents and prime ministers who visit campus provide students such as Charanya the motivation to discover how their generation can bring change to the world.

Charanya is preparing to be a global citizen by pursuing a triple major in political science, finance and French. She has studied abroad at SMU-in-Paris and spent last summer working as an intern in Washington, D.C., and she was named the Dedman College Outstanding Senior for 2009-10. Her interests also include community service, listening to indie music, shopping for vintage clothing and traveling.
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While Charanya’s triple major isn’t exactly commonplace, the flexibility to pursue your educational goals your way is something not many other colleges can offer. From dual degrees to multiple majors and minors to fast track undergraduate and graduate degrees, SMU lets you choose from nearly 100 majors and 75 minors and virtually unlimited combinations of academic pursuits.