Accepted Students

Chad Cohen

Chad loves the spirit and traditions that make SMU such a special place.

"At SMU, we don't tailgate, we 'boulevard'" says finance major Chad Cohen, describing the community ritual associated with each Mustang home football game, which is like a large, loud festival stretching from one end of Bishop Boulevard to the other.

"Boulevarding," as it's known on the Hilltop, is definitely a celebration. "It provides students with the opportunity to see the pageantry and school spirit of SMU on display," Chad says. "It brings together the SMU community in a very special way, and it allows students, alumni, faculty and parents to feel connected to the University. Everyone comes out and has a great time."

Man about campus

Student Senate

When he's not studying, Chad divides his time between serving as an SMU tour guide and leading several campus organizations. He's currently president of the SMU chapter of College Republicans, a member of the Student Senate Finance Committee, Advancement Committee vice-chair and ambassador of the SMU Student Foundation, and a member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity.