Accepted Students

Andres Ruzo

Andrés experiences the world while studying in other countries.

An SMU education doesn't have to take place only in Dallas. Experiencing the world while studying in other countries is an important part of a global education.

Andrés Ruzo has seized the opportunities offered by SMU, like study abroad experiences through 145 programs in 48 countries as well as SMU-in-Taos, the popular program in Northern New Mexico.

He has studied and done research in Australia, Hawaii and the Grand Canyon. Plus he researched how to harness geothermal resources found on the SMU campus.

If he's not studying abroad or in Dallas, you'll find him in Nicaragua or Peru, two countries where he's also a citizen. Andrés is a finance and geology major.


With 145 study abroad programs in 48 countries, SMU gives you the opportunity to educate yourself as a global citizen by living, working and studying while fully immersed in other cultures. And SMU’s study abroad programs also include international internships, research, service and volunteer opportunities and other overseas cultural programs to enrich your educational experience.