Grades up, stress down

The Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center is one of the busiest, most popular student resources on campus. Using this center is a great way to keep grades up and stress levels down. SMU offers free tutoring services for many courses to any full-time undergraduate on a drop-in basis.

Writing Center

Strong writing skills are at the core of any rigorous education. Writing is essential not just for success in college, but for life. Through the Writing Center, you can improve your writing skills by meeting with a faculty member to discuss writing strategies or to review drafts of your papers. You'll receive personal attention from experts who will share practical pointers to refine your writing skills in any subject.

Learning Skills Course

HDEV 1110: Reading and Learning Strategies is a one-credit, one-term class that teaches advanced reading and learning skills and sophisticated time-management strategies to enable you to optimize your study time as well as leave room for pursuing personal interests.