Lyle School of Engineering

Changing the way the world thinks about engineers

At the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering, we develop highly skilled engineers as well as cutting-edge thinkers, pioneers and entrepreneurs in engineering, always tackling the next "big idea." With one of the most challenging curricula in the field, you'll build outstanding technical expertise, and you'll also build parallel skills as a communicator, motivator and creative leader. You'll also have the distinction of attending an engineering school with a female student population that is much higher than the national average. The Lyle School also offers accelerated degrees, dual degree programs and premed specializations.

As you build relationships with our internationally recognized faculty, many of whom are pioneers themselves, you'll participate in groundbreaking research in brand-new, state-of-the art facilities. And since SMU has close ties with the high-tech industry in Dallas, you'll find unlimited opportunities for research, internships and alternative ways to earn credit while gaining on-the-job training through the Accredited Cooperative Education Program.


Madeline Adler
Associate Director of Engineering Recruitment and Retention

Desmond Reed
Associate Director of Engineering Recruitment and Retention

Vanessa Garner
Coordinator of Undergraduate Recruitment

Majors and Minors

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree
Environmental Engineering Premedical Specialization

Computer Science and Engineering*
Computer Science
Computer Engineering

Bioinformatics Specialization
Game Development Specialization
Hardware Specialization
Networking Specialization
Premedical Specialization
Research Specialization
Security Specialization
Software Specialization

Electrical Engineering*
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree
Electrical Engineering and Physics Dual Degree

Biomedical Specialization
Communications and Signal Processing Specialization
Computer Specialization
Microelectronics and Photonics Specialization
Telecommunications Specialization

Environmental Science with Engineering Emphasis*

Management Science*

Mechanical Engineering*
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Physics Dual Degree
Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Dual Degree

Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Specialization
Manufacturing Specialization
Premedical/Biomedical Specialization

*Includes premedical options