Honors & Scholars


Honors Communities

The University Honors Program and the Hilltop Scholars Program enhance the academic experience for selected SMU students in meaningful, transformative ways.

University Honors Program

Each year the University invites up to 150 first-year students to the University Honors Program, which centers on the values of a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences. Honors students choose seven courses that offer an enhanced version of the SMU University Curriculum. Honors students can earn Honors Program credit while participating in SMU Abroad, SMU-in-Taos or conducting independent research within or outside the United States through the Richter Research Fellows Program. Students are automatically reviewed and invited based on academic merit. Generally, students in the top 10% of the entering first-year class are invited to participate in the University Honors Program.

Visit the website of the University Honors Program.

Hilltop Scholars Program

The Hilltop Scholars Program (HSP) is offered to students who have high academic ability and have indicated leadership and community service qualities through their applications for admission to SMU. Hilltop Scholars are given the opportunity to join other first-year students who want to do well academically and take an active part in the larger university community. They enroll in writing courses together and have the opportunity to take other multi-disciplinary honors courses with smaller class sizes and greater access to one-on-one time with faculty members. Admitted students are automatically reviewed and notified by mail of their invitation to join the Program. 

Visit the website of the Hilltop Scholars Program.