President’s Scholarship Financial Benefits

     Tuition and General Fees:  The President’s Scholarship will cover tuition and fees for eight consecutive fall and spring academic semesters (plus one summer education abroad) or graduation whichever comes first. The President’s Scholarship cannot be extended to a fifth year. General Fees do not include special fees that are included in some course work. The President’s Scholarship does not pay for books, computers, or parking. The President’s Scholarship does not cover expenses for May Term, Summer I, Summer II, August term, J-term, Alternative Spring Break, or special courses such as the Human Rights Pilgrimage. The President’s Scholarship is increased as SMU tuition and fees are increased.

    SMU-in-Taos Retreat: For first year President’s Scholars, the President’s Scholarship will pay for the round-trip airfare and campus room and board for the SMU-in-Taos retreat. For the sophomore, junior, and senior years, the Scholars are responsible for a modest payment ($100 in 2013) to cover a portion of the airfare. The President’s Scholarship will pay the rest of the airfare and room and board. Each Scholar is responsible for spending money and any medical necessities.

    Education Abroad: The President’s Scholarship will cover tuition and fees for one summer program plus one academic year program (either one semester or whole year depending on how the program is defined). The President’s Scholarship covers one round-trip airfare for education abroad. The President’s Scholarship will not cover two separate academic semester programs.

    SMU-in-Taos: If the President’s Scholar does not make use of the education abroad option, a June session at the SMU-in-Taos campus may be substituted. For this SMU-in-Taos June term, the President’s Scholarship will cover tuition and fees, but the Scholar is responsible for room and board, spending money, insurance, and transportation. Support for this SMU-in-Taos in June option will preclude support for any education abroad program.

Other financial benefits:

    The Campus Community Award, separate from the President’s Scholarship, pays for room and board on campus under certain conditions, including the requirement of active engagement in the life of the community.

    “Room” is defined as any residence hall/double occupancy only on campus, the Daniel House, Multicultural House, or the Service House. The Campus Community Award does not pay for Greek Housing, SMU apartments, single rooms, or any off-campus living.

    “Board” is defined as one of the following SMU Meal Plans: “All Access 7 (unlimited meals 7 days a week) plus $100.00 Flex Dollars,” “All Access 5 (unlimited meals 5 days a week) plus $200 Flex Dollars,” and “Block 200 (200 meals at the cafeteria per semester) plus $550 Flex Dollars.” Freshmen are required to choose “All Access 7” only; sophomores, juniors and seniors can choose any one of the three plans listed above.

    Summer Courses at the SMU-in-Taos campus, on the SMU Dallas Campus, and during J-Term at the SMU- in-Plano campus: The President’s Scholarship does not cover summer courses on SMU campuses or courses during J-term. The Office of Financial Aid can provide some scholarship support under certain conditions. For summer courses on the SMU-in-Taos campus and on the SMU Dallas campus, a student must take 6 hours and will receive approximately 70 percent of the tuition costs for six hours of summer courses. For J-Term courses on the SMU-in-Plano campus, a student must take 3 hours and will receive approximately 70 percent of the tuition costs for 3 hours of J-term courses. It is essential to see the adviser in the financial aid office for details and application forms and procedures.

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