Study Abroad


  • President's Scholars Olivia Schmid, a junior, and sophomores Andrew Ksendzoff, Ify Achu, Daniel Muehring, Ashmi Patel, Vegas Ott, and Shelby Stanfield enjoy a group dinner on their last night in Weimar, Germany. June 2015
  • PS junior Jo-Jo Steine at the University of Oxford Botanical Gardens. It is the oldest botanic garden in Great Britain and one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world. August 2015
  • Jo-Jo Steine, PS junior, in front of Shakespeare's birthplace in Warwickshire, England, where it is believed that William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and spent his childhood years. July 2015
  • PS sophomores Grace Hileman, Noah Bartos and their new dog friend enjoy the beautiful mountains of County Kerry, Ireland. July 2015
  • PS junior, Kim Kooker, takes a break by the Prince Albert Bridge while biking through Battersea, London. June 2015
  • President's Scholars Grace Hileman (sophomore) and Manny Rangel (junior) take in the view overlooking the city of Toledo in Spain. July 2015
  • PS sophomore, Silvia Rivera overlooking La Alhambra in Granada, Spain. June 2015
  • Touring Spain: PS's Grace Hileman and Manny Rangel at La Alhambra in Granada.
    June 2015
  • Silvia Rivera, PS sophomore, visiting the old royal gardens in Cordoba, Spain. June 2015
  • PS sophomores Grace Hileman and Noah Bartos at Inch beach in County Kerry on the western coast of Ireland. July 2015
  • PS sophomores Shelby Stanfield and Daniel Muehring pose with a friend in Germany. May 2015
  • PS junior, Kim Kooker, on a weekend trip to the Scottish Highlands. Loch Ness, Scotland June 2015
  • PS Shelby Stanfield with a friend, and fellow PS sophomores Andrew Ksendzoff, and Daniel Muehring in Dresden, Germany. May 2015
  • Silvia Rivera, PS sophomore, on a weekend trip to Lagos Portugal. June 2015
  • Enjoying the architecture of the Plaza de Espana, PS sophomore, Silvia Rivera in Seville, Spain. May 2015
  • Kim Kooker, PS junior, enjoys the view overlooking Guiness Lake in Wicklow National Park, Ireland. June 2015
  • A class visit to Chinchero, an Inka site near Cuzco, Peru. New PS alumni (back) Daniel Trujillo, Tyler Friske, Alex Hoskins, Lucy Richardson:(then front) Mary Catherine Shoemaker, Kathleen Strauss and new alumna-Hunt Scholar, Katelyn Hall. May 2015
  • New PS alumni Mary Katherine Shoemaker and Kathleen Strauss, along with new alumna-Hunt Scholar Katelyn Hall visit a restaurant in Peru. May 2015
  • San Blas Market area in Cuzco, Peru. New PS alumni Mary Katherine Shoemaker, Kathleen Strauss and new alumna-Hunt Scholar Katelyn Hall. May 2015
  • Touring the Tower of London: Janice Kim ('15), Emily Dunn ('15), Noah Mendoza.
    July 2014
  • PS Kinga Malkinska, makes a weekend visit to Paris during her sojourn at SMU-in-London. June 2014.
  • Caleb Kyle, Garrett Fisher, Alex Munoz, Derek Phanekham ('15), Janice Kim ('15), Anna Norkett, Emily Dunn ('15), Noah Mendoza, Danh Nguyen.
    PS Love in Oxford! 2014
  • PS Danh Nguyen takes in the view from the top of
    University Church of St. Mary's. Oxford, July 2014
  • Having a blast in Oxford! Stonehenge, July 2014.
    President's Scholars, Emily Dunn ('15), Danh Nguyen, Garrett Fisher, Anna Norkett, Janice Kim ('15), Noah Mendoza.
  • PS's Danh Nguyen and Anna Norkett at Blenheim Palace,
    birthplace of Winston Churchill. Oxford, July 2014
  • PS's Danh Nguyen, Janice Kim ('15), Anna Norkett, and Emily Dunn ('15) visiting Tower Bridge.
    Oxford, July 2014

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