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Mustang Academic Bridge Scholars Program


Student Comments and Reviews

“Participation in the Bridge program has been THE GREATEST BLESSING for me at SMU. When I got here, I was lost and very discouraged. I had financial issues, I wasn’t passionate about any organization, and I felt really lost. The program helped me with making decisions and provided comfort. I would not have grown as much academically or interpersonally without the program.”
-Mariam Alaka

“The Bridge program is the only reason I was able to keep it semi-together. I'm a first generation student, so I don't have an older sibling or parents that could have guided me!”
-Marissa Coronado

“Being in the Mustang Academic Bridge Program was honestly the best thing that could have happened to me this year, and I am truly grateful. I was able to push myself to do better, and the program staff always kept me in check. I was able to have the network that a lot of freshmen don’t and from that I was able to try new things and get my feet wet. Thanks to the support, I made SMU what I wanted it to be.”
-Parminder Deo

“I am glad I joined the Bridge program. It has helped a lot with my growth and success in school.”
–Demi Martinez