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Academic Development of Student Athletes

About SMU
ADSA staff consists of 6 coordinators, 3 Learning Specialists, 1 Administrative Assistant, and 2 Interns. Each coordinator works with a limited number of student-athletes so that attention can be specific and individualized. ADSA works in collaboration with the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center, sharing various services such as tutoring, disability services, and various data programs.

Academic Mentors – Coordinators serve as academic mentors. In this role, coordinators work with student-athletes on the basic skills needed to have a successful college career such as organization, time management, and prioritization. During weekly mentor appointments, students create a To-Do List for the week and report/review any new grades, analyzing what they accomplished in the previous week and what they could’ve done differently. A strong focus is placed on learning to balance their roles as both a student and an athlete.

Learning Specialists - ADSA houses two Reading Specialists and one Writing Specialist. After initial assessment, specialists plan and implement a course of action for each student needing these services. Appointments are scheduled anywhere from 1-5 times per week for one hour, depending on the student. Individual and group sessions occur at the discretion of the specialist.

Study Hall – Student-athletes are required to do a specific number of hours per week in study hall. Hours are based on what the academic coordinator/counselor and head coach decide. The study hall area is equipped with a lab monitor, desktop computers, wireless internet, printers, and study tables, all of which contribute to a conducive learning environment. Students can also check-out study tools, such as laptops or calculators, while they are traveling to assist them with studying on the road.