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Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

The SMU Sustainability Committee is an interdisciplinary campus committee comprised of students, faculty and staff. The Committee has created several subcommittees to help promote sustainability on the SMU campus and to provide opportunities for everyone at SMU to get involved.

The purpose of the SMU Sustainability Committee is to promote sustainability efforts at the university and to facilitate communication among all campus constituencies about environmental efforts.

As part of its mission, the committee:
  • Suggests improvements and additions to sustainability efforts.
  • Promotes education efforts about sustainability practices and options.
  • Encourages life-long environmentally conscious behavior.
  • Builds mutually beneficial relationships with the Dallas community.
In addition, the Committee is responsible for advising the SMU President on matters pertaining to the environment and sustainability and reports regularly to the President about its efforts and activities.

A list of the Committee's membership and its bylaws are available from this web page. 

For more information, email